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Lohmann's graphic designers invited: International distribution partners convened

From the 13th to the 15th of June 2018, Lohmann greeted special guests at its technology center at the headquarters in Neuwied.

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From the 13th to the 15th of June 2018, Lohmann greeted special guests at its technology center at the headquarters in Neuwied. The graphic segment of the Bonding Engineers had invited its international distributors from EMEA to a mutual exchange of information and experiences with a Workshop. Numerous guests travelled from Slovakia, France, Belgium, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Israel, Poland, Portugal, Russia, the Czech Republic, Tunisia, Dubai, Germany, Egypt and South Africa to attend the event. After the initial welcome and getting to know each other on the first day, the participants looked forward to the speech of external guest speaker Sante Conselvan, the president of FTA Europe. The FTA Europe is a Federation of national flexographic printing associations. At the presentation of this year's FTA "Diamond Awards" in Milan / Italy in May, one-third of Lohmann's graphic clients belonged to the winners. With these awards, the FTA recognizes the best international results in flexographic printing. Sante Conselvan explained in his presentation the peculiarities of flexographic printing and its market position: “Decisive for the growing success of flexographic printing are the quality, the excellent base material, the innovation opportunities and the service. Likewise, experience and expertise are paramount. In addition, flexography offers possibilities that no other printing process can. For example, only flexographic printing is suitable for the special applications in the future market of “printed electronics”. FTA Europe also has their eyes firmly set on the future in terms of knowledge transfer. New to the association's program is the “digital flexo toolbox”, in which Lohmann is also involved. This project combines the know-how of different industries in the flexographic industry in order to optimize flexographic printing for printers and suppliers”.

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The second day of the event was entirely dedicated to Lohmann. At various workshops, guests learned about Lohmann's graphic products, service options and the brand-new marketing campaign. The guests were particularly fascinated by the Bonding Arena with its own “Flexolab”. Exclamations such as “We had no idea that Lohmann offers such versatile testing options based on great technical know-how” or “I am impressed by the expertise and professionalism of the event, which I will gladly pass on to my customers” were to be heard quite often. And the market segment Graphics under the direction of Silvia Casellato and the entire organization team were certainly also pleased to hear such praise. On the final day of the Distributor Meeting, a summary of the two preceding days was made and a number of special awards were presented. For instance, Lohman awarded Messrs. Dortschy GmbH & Co. KG from Bielefeld, for the longest sales partnership. For almost 70 years, the printing technology company has been working successfully together with Lohmann. The award for the “youngest” graphic distribution partner was presented to Messrs. Enigraf AB from Sweden, who have belonged to the Lohmann family of distribution partners since last year. A certificate for the longest journey went to Messrs. Anchor Technical Tapes from South Africa. Congratulations to all winners, thank you for attending the Distributor Meeting and we wish us all many more mutual years of cooperation with the Bonding Engineers.

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