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Lohmann at BAU ONLINE 2021: Adhesive solutions for window construction – and a sustainable technology premiere

The international construction industry is going to meet live at the virtual trade fair experience BAU ONLINE 2021 from January 13-15 – and Lohmann’s Building & Construction experts Lohmann invite you to visit their digital booth!

For many years, the Bonding Engineers have been at home in all crafts with their reliable and innovative bonding solutions, responding flexibly to the challenges of the construction industry: new material combinations, tight cost calculations or modern design trends. In doing so, Lohmann's high-tech adhesive tapes offer numerous advantages, from immediate adhesion, a high degree of user-friendliness, freedom of design to improved energy efficiency and emission levels. Thanks to their high flexibility, they can be easily integrated into many automation processes and are thus also economically attractive. The adhesive experts accompany their customers from the initial idea to the customized bonding solution and its process implementation. At Lohmann, this philosophy is called the "Smart Bonding Approach".

At the special edition of this year's BAU ONLINE 2021, the Bonding Engineers will bring adhesive solutions the fenestration sector – and have a special premiere in store for their customers.

The certified Static Direct Glazing (SDG®) method with Lohmann adhesive tapes has already proven itself in the glazing process for many years. Here, the insulating unit is bonded directly in the window sash, allowing for narrower profile geometries or greater freedom of design as well as new, low maintenance material combinations. The uniform load transfer within the window frame structure also results in increased stability: a nuisance for burglars – in resistance classes RC2 and RC3, in accordance with the DIN EN 1627 standard and VE 08/4 (ift Rosenheim).  

The new product variants DuploCOLL® 56056 and 56057 offer extremely stable film liners for this purpose, which cannot be overstretched. In addition, the glazing process is significantly simplified – while readjustments to the pane remain possible right up to the end. For this purpose, the liner is only loosened in the corners of the wooden frame before the window pane is applied and is only completely removed after final positioning and blocking.

Currently, glass and Plexiglas / acrylic glass partitions in particular play an important role in window construction: wherever close cooperation is to be ensured during the COVID-19 pandemic, they offer maximum protection and high functionality. For the bonding of glass partitions, Lohmann offers the optimal solution with the so-called "Clear Performance Tape" DuploCOLL® CPT. Disturbing connecting elements can be dispensed with in favor of this highly transparent adhesive tape. Easy and fast to use, it also offers damping and sealing properties and, thanks to edge passivation, is insensitive to external influences.

The Bonding Engineers are opening another window exclusively at BAU ONLINE 2021, towards the future. With the technology premiere TwinMelt®, completely new types of bonding become possible – innovative, sustainable and 100% solvent-free.


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