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A Clear Picture: Application Guide to Lohmann's High-Tech Bonding Solutions for Displays in the Electronics Industry

Adhesive bonding applications in the electronics industry and in the field of automotive electronics today have to meet diverse and complex requirements – and do more than just connect joining partners.
Have you noticed that every new household appliance has at least one display? Were you recently grateful that your "smart medical device" warned you in time? Have you ever counted how many displays are available to you in your new car? Did the sleek, frameless design of your new cell phone get you excited? The functional bonding solutions from Lohmann's Bonding Engineers help turn new ideas into stunning, standout products. The new Application Guide "Displays" now offers a comprehensive overview.

From transparent and ultra-thin bonding to efficient seals, NVH (Noise, Vibration, Harshness) solutions, as well as thermal management, grounding or EMI shielding: innovative, high-precision and customized adhesive tapes from the long-established company in Neuwied, Germany, ensure the reliable functionality and appealing design of devices.

These smart devices meet Lohmann's "Smart Bonding Approach": On the way to the right solution, the process is thought out right away. We accompany you from the initial idea, through product development, product testing and quality assurance, to final integration into your production process.

Find out more about the wide range of applications for Lohmann adhesive tape and die-cutting solutions for displays in the electronics industry and download the new Application Guide directly here.

 Application Guide Display_en.pdf 

 Application Guide Display_en.pdf 

Do you have an application challenge for us? Our Electronics experts look forward to hearing from you: electronics@lohmann-tapes.com